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Meet the artists!

The Claraty Arts Project currently supports 20 studio artists working in an array of mediums in our Santa Cruz program.  Studio artists can participate in one on one instruction, art history and art theory lectures, exhibit works in our in-house gallery, and visit local museums and other community spaces for inspiration.


AJ REDMonD (b. 1989 in Oceanside, CA)

AJ Redmond is a prolific artist who enjoys creating scenes that pay homage to Santa Cruz, California. Since joining the Claraty Arts Project in 2011, Mr. Redmond’s work has been featured in multiple exhibitions and bay area galleries. Exacting stippling, hatching, and brush strokes emphasize features not seen by most people.

Mr. Redmond is a client of ArtLifting, an organization empowering artists living with homelessness or disabilities through the celebration and sale of their artwork. View his work on ArtLifting HERE.

robin blake (b. 1955 in Santa Clara, CA)

Ms. Blake has been creating art since the first day the Claraty Arts Project opened in 2009. With talent expanding across many mediums, including drawing, printmaking, photography, and painting, Blake looks to art for balance and serenity. She enjoys creating images that recall memories of her family, such as portraits, Victorian houses, and landscapes. Blake uses art as a tool to connect with her past and finds happiness in sharing her life with others. ‘‘My mom had an art gallery, I am following in her footsteps. I’m thinking about Mom every time I make art.’’

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Ken Muramoto (b. 1993)

Mr. Muramoto had an early gift for drawing that was nurtured by his parents. Enrolled in art classes since kindergarten, Muramoto garnered respect and admiration through his detailed artistry and versatile imagination present in his art. Muramoto was the featured artist for the 2015 and 2016 Orchard Supply Hardware Train Calendars and the youngest artist in the train calendars’ 41 year history. After spending many years blending his fascination for trains with his love for art, Muramoto has began challenging his art making practice through the introduction of simple stories and narrative work.

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Marshall Woodall (b. 1958 in Oklahoma city, OK)

Mr. Woodall’s fascination with art began at an early age. Woodall’s life has b een a journey into self-expression and storytelling through music, drawing, and painting. ‘‘I am off the wall and have an unusual imagination. I think about things that people don’t always think about or notice.’’ Self-taught but inspired by Gary Larson, Mr. Woodall uses humorous and satirical pieces as a way to handle life’s struggles. Being chased, pressured, and meeting deadlines are common themes in his work. ‘‘discovering how to express myself is my objective.’’ Mr. Woodall’s piece ‘‘Terror in Docto Grisdale’s Office’’ was featured at the California Museum of Art’s ‘‘Art Advocacy’’ exhibition in 2017.

Geanna Shattuc.jpg

Geanna shattuc (b. 1963 in California)

Since joining the Claraty Arts Project, Shattuc’s artistic voice ha grown into an impressive abstract vision of whythm, repetition, and a dynamic use of color. ‘‘i’m happy when I’m not confused; when I make art I’m not confused. My art looks like a puzzle. Puzzles make sense to me.’’ Shattuc’s art often consists of overlapping patterns that create a feeling of calmness within the chaos of line work and color.

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zach mabert (b. 1987 in santa Cruz, ca)

Mr. Mabert is a meticulous artist who works without sketches, preferring to create his finished pen drawings in one take. Simple but precise lines along with carefully chosen detail lend a clean but whimsical quality to his pieces. Mabert’s work features a prominent theme of snapshots chronicalling a bygone era. ‘‘I want people to see my art to show people how I am. I like the old time music because of the stories it tells.’’

William Bucher (b. 1990 in Berkeley, CA)

Mr. Bucher is an encapsulating storyteller who uses visual art to process and expand on the complex topics, both social and political, he is interrogating. Bucher’s work teeters the line of political satire. ‘‘Art is more powerful than politics’’ says Bucher, for its capacity to transcend boundaries and reach a broader audience. This sentiment can be seen in his works which often include themes such as good vs. evil and stories of justice conveyed through fantastic characters of Bucher’s own creation.

Jen williams (b. 1973)

Ms. William’s is an abstract artist working primarily in acrylic. Williams sources inspiration from pictures of people and places. She incorporates color pallets of these reference materials into her abstract representations. When Williams is painting she reaches a calm, creative space where her love is expressed through her painterly brush strokes. Family is the most important part of Jen’s life and is often represented in her paintings.


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Julia dickinson (b. 1986 in torrance, ca)

Ms. Dickinson uses art as a way to express herself and connect with others. Dickinson is the only studio artist who works primarily in oil paint. She also enjoys various forms of printmaking as a way to narrate her feelings. Julia’s work is rich in metaphor and often represents her emotions. ‘‘I get to express my feelings. It’s my way of sharing what’s on the inside.’’ Dickinson draws inspiration for her pieces from novels, anime, and movies.

Bianca Ramos

Ms Ramos is a natural artist and activist. She has explored a variety of mediums since starting at Claraty Arts in 2017 including printmaking, acrylic, and watercolor. Bright colors, energetic scenes and inspiring themes can be seen throughout her works. When asked what she wants her audience to gain from her art, Ramos said ‘‘I want them to be happy and excited.’’

Theresa Willett.jpg

Theresa willet (b. 1987 in Monrovia, CA)

Ms Willett has been creating art since she began at Claraty Arts in 2011. She enjoys making art that depicts the world around her and draws inspiration from nature and the beauty that surrounds her. Theresa also uses art as a healing medium to process life events that have impacted her.

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Diana mallet

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Ian scowcroft

Ethan Kim

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Kira andreas

Gabby Medina

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elizabeth meek

allison orr

Canaan Vaage

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