Claraty Arts

We Are Hiring!

We are Hiring!

The Claraty Arts Program is GROWING! We are excited to bring on more talented and passionate artists to support the studio-artists in expanding and strengthening their skills, a feat that directly challenges the stigmas that paint them as less-than.

We are an arts program, studio and gallery located in the Seabright area committed to the equity and empowerment of folks with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Its purpose is to support and advance a new, positive collective identity for developmentally disabled adults via arts education, training, expression and production. We are looking for highly motivated artists who want to share their skills with the Claraty Arts studio artists.

Our ideal candidate is confident in painting and illustration, excited about learning, sharing, and problem solving as a team and individually, and is down with folks with developmental disabilities! Showing a basic knowledge of art history and art theory, experience in gallery installation, curation, and teaching is a plus!

Stand out applicants will show a strong proficiency in some of the following: acrylic and oil painting, printmaking, photography, textiles, watercolor, adobe suite, woodworking, digital arts, sculpture, or another medium that they excel in.

***As some of our artists need assistance with toileting and some activities of daily life, art instructors are required to assist with toileting and meal prep, plus hands-on assistance with project preparation when needed.

Responsibilities for this position include:
- Ability to work as a team and independently.
- Lead organized art instruction for individuals and small groups of studio artists.
- Engage artists in an enthusiastic and respectful way.
-Utilize and develop assistive and adaptive techniques for producing artwork.
- Assess and utilize each individual's creativity and problem-solving skills to promote their artistic development and independence.
- Develop and maintain paperwork, including schedules and detailed project and instruction plans.
- Strong planning, writing, and organizational skills are essential.
- Provide direct care or physical support to all artists as necessary.

This position pays $15.75 per hour with medical and dental benefits after probationary period. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate on any basis when hiring.


Please look through our website. Then email a resume, cover letter, and your portfolio with AT LEAST FIVE examples of your artwork.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $15.75 /hour

We look forward to hearing from you!